Not Dead

I’m not dead I promise! Just busy in a new relationship! (Guys, I GOT MY BRIT!)



I’ll post again tomorrow.


Busy Busy Bee – Poshmark is the Greatest App Ever

Sorry, I’ve been spending a lot of time making my Poshmark Closet perfect.

I am happy I found this app, because I hate purging my clothes, because I spent money and it makes me feel bad. But now I don’t have to worry!

Here is a light sampling of what you can find in my closet:





And much more! There is a load of jewelry, sweaters, tops, pants, accessories, purses, and dresses!

If you aren’t already with this app, you should really hop on it! You can get the app here! It works on iPhones, iPads, and Androids! If you use that link and use a referral code HLOIG you will save $5 on any purchase you make in ANY closet. It doesn’t have to be mine.

If you have the app, make sure to follow me! I follow back and am always good for shares! I’m also currently holding a BOGO 50% off + 20% off bundles sale! So take a look around!

Well That’s Inconvenient

My guy friend took me telling him about me and this new guy very well.

By very well I mean he is ignoring me. -insert eye rolling-

I also told this new guy about what was happening, as they both know each other. He handled it very well and had suggested that maybe we keep quiet for a bit. I agree, I don’t wanna crush my friend even more.

But that’s not the inconvenient part. Of course now, the older than me guy I was hooking up with, now wants to do it again.


The Nerdy Way to Express Feelings

This is how I handle feelings:

I’m just going to keep talking because I want you to notice me because I really like you and clearly I’m acting like a twelve year old in puppy love.

Usually I’m the first to decide they like someone. But, it didn’t happen that way this time. Maybe it did, but I didn’t officially realize it until he started hinting at it. It’s the shy, we’re both nerdy people so we can’t really express how we feel that gets people like us. I’m glad it was through a text because I probably would have run away in person.Because in reality I casually leave a room and just wave from across the street.

We were partaking in some harmless flirting. What’s the point of being 22 if we can’t flirt around?

Him: Please don’t let the cuddle end
Me: I won’t 🙂
Him: Forever cuddle?
M: Forever
H: And ever
M: Yes
H: ❤
M: ❤
M: I should let you sleep nowH: But cuddle session is happening
M: 🙂 okay
H: *can’t take all the feels right now, it feels like nothing he has ever felt before*
M: *gets all warm and blushy*
H: Hehe that’s my ********
H: I wish it wasn’t the middle of the night right now 😦
M: -screen capture to show it’s 2:30am- Well actually it’s my morning

Now should be an appropriate time to mention that I’m on the east coast, and he is on the west. There were a few other random texts in there

M: You should sleep…
H: I should but I don’t want to because…
H: I got this hot little blushy young woman next to me
M: I’m older than you 😛
H: Barely!

Only by a few months though.

M: You may continue now
H: *back to feeling stuff he hasn’t felt before*
M: *same…is really bad at expressing feelings*
H: Yeah. But one thing is for sure. These feels are f*cking amazing 🙂
M: *smiles*
H: 🙂 ❤ *cuddles*
M: *holds tight*
H: *holds tighter*
M: *blushing*
H: *my heart as so many feels, even more so, my feels have feels*

Nerdy people can’t get past feels. It’s so tough to break that barrier. But I’m female and I need that ‘I really need you to just say it’ portion. There was so more random talk and flirting. By this point, it was hitting 3:15am, and I was getting impatient. So I took control:

H: I wish you could go into my dreams with me
M: I’m really happy that I messaged you that one day. Even if I was bitching about other people. Otherwise, idk if this would be happening.
H: So am I ********, this is just…Wow… 🙂
H: I don’t regret any of this 🙂
M: Ikindasortalikeyouagoodbitofalot

Because it’s easier to say how you feel without a space bar and growing a pair and pressing send.

H: I kindasortalikeyouagoodbitofalotaswell
M: Imgladthatsouttherethensowhatdowedofromhere
H: Idkwhynotjustnuzletosleep
M: *doesn’t wanna sleep*
H: Me neither.

It was so late, so we weren’t really going to go much further than that. I was up until 4:30 because we did leave off on neither of us knowing if we wanted to pursue a relationship. Long distance is scary.

Feelings are scary.


But FFS, I can’t wait for him to wake up and text me. I wasn’t expecting to be slammed with feelings – on either side. And I wasn’t opposed to it. I’m still all shaky nervous.

It may sound crazy, because we haven’t IRL met – but does it really matter if it’s someone you’re talking to for nearly every waking second of the day?

When my bff moved to the west coast we made a relationship work out. We were still as close as ever.


Well, off to write that third hardest letter ever. Because, in all this, I haven’t forgotten about my guy friend who is acting like he is in love with me.

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